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Top 5 Best Full Size Platform Beds Of 2022

Whether you are living in a small room space or in a grand hotel of sorts (you understand what we mean here), then the infamous full size platform bed is no stranger to you. With its small but fitting capacity as well as the ability to be a hefty storage unit if needed, there are still always many, MANY, options to choose from. Thankfully this article exists.

Which is why we are going to dive into the best that the platform bed sizes have to offer, especially in this new year that is 2022, and to provide you the best and worthy options to choose from for your next interior makeover or if your box springs are in need of a true dire upgrade. Hopefully the former and not so much the latter.

Options #1: Stromsburg Queen Platform Bed

The Stromsburg platform bed is one that many often go for when it comes down to choosing the more “cleaner” or “fresher” look, at least based on what the young generations like to describe things. It is in essence a more contemporary feel and this specific platform bed helps to achieve that presence without needing to go the extreme.

Take that, traditional bed frames.

Option #2: The Floyd Full Size Platform Bed

Now for this full platform bed, one needs to understand that this one is for the bold.

Well, somewhat.

The Floyd platform bed is one that likes to keep things matching and it all honestly is dependent on how you style it. It can come in various colors and wood textures such as birch or walnut, and it can have some metal for added support and style, and though it may appear to have it, it can quote the storage unit when it wants to!

Option #3: Dorinda Solid Wood Platform Bed

With quite the name to it, the Dorinda Solid Wood platform bed is actually quite simplistic in its design. Not as simplistic as the ones already mentioned, but it can be in various colors for an added bonus. So style away if you ever decide this one is the one!

Option #4: Marte Full Platform Bed

Made from the one and only Urban Outfitters themselves, the Marte platform bed is one that is very contemporary and simplistic too. With a nice rubberwood and rattan full size platform bed frame, it can help soften the color palette a little while adding a new, fresh, and unique look to your bedroom.

Option #5: The Bed

If you think we are joking here, we wish.

The “Bed” is one that is actually pretty eco-friendly and efficient like most platform beds out there. With a nice recycled rubberwood and a product from Thuma, which deals with more eco-friendly materials and bed frames, ensure that the quality is not just right for their customers, but also durable and perfectly sustainable for the environment.

And that would be something Wall-E would be proud of.

Overall, there are countless other options to choose from should you still need to snoop around the internet and find the best full size platform bed frame for you. Let’s just hope that we helped to point you to the right direction when it comes to finding the best platform bed you need for your bedroom space.

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