Quest - Nothing a Billion Bandages Can't Fix - Whiplash and Lionheart Can Be Healed Again Later In The Quest
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What is happening:
After Whiplash and Lionheart have been healed, they continue to check for regenerative aura being used on them, and the quest will revert back to the step that follows healing them (Return to Common Cure). Since the quest requires you to cast regenerative aura on Common Cure shortly after, it is quite common for the player to heal Whiplash and Lionheart once again, resulting in the quest looping over and over.

What should be happening:
After Whiplash and Lionheart have been healed, they should no longer check for regenerative aura being cast on the area they're located.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
1.) Play up until the point where you receive the quest "Nothing a Billion Bandages Can't Fix"
2.) After talking to Common Cure, cast the spell to heal Whiplash and Lionheart.
3.) Talk to Common Cure, who will ask to be healed now.
4.) Cast the spell. Either
(a) Whiplash or Lionhearts textbox will show up for a frame and then be replaced with Common Cure's textbox, allowing the player to proceed with the quest, or
(b) Common Cure's textbox will appear for a frame before Whiplash's textbox appears, returning you to the previous quest objective.

NOTE: I have not determined exactly what causes either outcome. I have tried several times, and it doesn't always seem based on my location relative to the characters. As such, it is rather arbitrary, and may take multiple attempts.

Game client version:
Build v

Reproduced by:

Reproduced on:
Windows 10 64-bit version 1607 (KB3213986)

Crash logs or exceptions generated:

From 0:00 to 2:54 I am showing the looping nature of this issue, whereas 2:54 onward I talk about it and show some further footage that may help in determining why this seems to happen.