NPC - Endless Days no-clipping through the wall
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What is happening:
The NPC "Endless Days" on The Heartlands slowly move/float to its left until it is inside the building when the player spawns/relog inside The Heartlands. Making it unable to interact with.

What should be happening:
Endless Days should stay on its position.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
To produce the issue, the player only have about 40 seconds to complete all of the steps below. If the 40 seconds has passed, relog and try again.

-Go to The Heartlands
-Quickly respawn by typing /stuck
-Go to the NPC "Endless Days"

Game client version:

Reproduced by:

Reproduced on:
(Segatendo) - Unknown
(Nekonin) - Windows 10 x64

Crash logs or exceptions generated:


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