Cantermore Lighting Glitch
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What is happening:
I have experienced some strange lighting glitches in Cantermore.
After exploring other instances in the world, they appear to only
occur or are centralized in Cantermore specifically.

Please note, not all the lights experience this glitch.

Update: This glitch only appears to happen at night

What should be happening:
The lighting should keep consistent without this strange
flickering and sometimes sudden disappearance all together.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
Simply go to Cantermore (at night) and stand near
one of the light sources and turn the camera around and you
should see the light or the textures they are casting on flicker.

Game client version:
Launcher: v0.2 Platform: Windows x64
Game version: 0.1.3

Reproduced by:
Myself and Blue Cloud (his in game name)

Reproduced on:
Windows 10 64-bit

Crash logs or exceptions generated:


Video showing glitch in action:

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