Cannot use unicorn "Teleport" ability on ground outside Cantermore gate before Heartlands Portal
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What is happening:
When I try to use the teleport ability on the ground between the outer Cantermore gate and the portal to The Heartlands (the area with the little castle keep and drawbridge not too far from the train station), nothing happens. But, I CAN still teleport to standing objects like the castle keep and the trees in that area.

What should be happening:
I should be able to teleport on any point of the ground in that area between the outer Cantermore gate and the Heartlands portal.

Steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Go to Cantermore as a unicorn with the ability to Teleport
  2. Go on the outer side of the gate that separates Cantermore from a strip of land that leads to the Heartlands' portal.
  3. Try to teleport anywhere on the ground on that side of the gate. Just the ground, not any objects or buildings.

Game client version:

Reproduced by:

Reproduced on:
Win7 x64

Crash logs or exceptions generated:

N/A (would be impossible to demonstrate it not working through a still image)

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This bug expands wider beyond the western side. Go anywhere North of the town square and this bug is there too. Like for example for how bad it is. Walking on the western road out of town square, you can teleport on the south side of the road but not on the north.

I having the same experience, having trouble teleporting on the grass spots of those areas mainly, objects are fine

I've noticed something similar, that sometimes I can teleport and sometimes I can't. Didn't realise it was tied to location, though.

Issue persists on v0.1.4 of the macOS build. It appears that the grass in the mentioned area do not count as valid teleport surfaces. Teleporting on trees and buildings seem fine. Should 3D come and have a look at this?

I've checked around Cantermare with a brand new pony on v0.1.9 (linux x64) and found some areas (marked in red here) that don't allow teleporting:

I also had a walk through The Heartlands and it seems that there's a wide area around all water sources that prevent teleporting, as well as preventing teleporting onto any of the bridges. There are some areas, however, where you can teleport underneath the water fairly easily (Circled in green here):

Also note T1561: Teleportation and T1778: Teleport Doesn't Work in some parts of Cantermore/Heartlands which seem to be duplicates/related to this issue.

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Issue fixed as of Build v2018.09.01