Portal Transfer Causes Temp Opening of Log book
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What is happening:
When using Portal ring from Cantermore to PonyDale or Ponydale to EverShade or PonyDale to Mines, causes the exact same thing to happen. Where for a split second when the portal destination is opened, it open up the log book page, then disappears.

What should be happening:
No opening of Log Book after Portal transfer.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
Move your pony into the above listed portal rings.

Game client version:
First version

Reproduced on:
Windows 7 Ultimate. 32-bit

Issue does not occur on v of the macOS build. Could you verify that it persists on your client?

yes, it still appears, randomly-- especially when I first enter (sign-in) to the game. Doesn't appear very often... very random

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This issue was resolved as of build v0.1.6.