Can't Finish Notarize Quest. "Fission Mailed"
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What is happening:
After having speed run through the quest, all that is left is to tell Notarize everything. After having spoken with him, he informs you that you should tell Loadsa that the case was dropped. No EXP is Given, Loadsa is not a required stage, and the quest still says speak to Notarize.

What should be happening:
After speaking to Notarize, EXP and Bits are given to the player, and the quest is marked completed.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
Run through the quest, on the final step, speak to Notarize.

Game client version:
Got this fro the Launcher. Game Build V 0.1.1

Reproduced by:
None so far, will ask around and update.

Reproduced on:

Crash logs or exceptions generated:


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You're supposed to speak to Notarize a second time. However, I've now changed the dialogue options for that point.

This issue has been fixed. Thanks for the report.