Sticky Hay in Sweet Apple Orchards
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What is happening:
The piles of hay near Farmer Fields in Sweet Apple Orchards have odd spots on them that make a pony stick to them, often preventing jumping. Movement is possible , but slow.

(It is easy to get out of by backing out the opposite direction.

(v 0.1.1)
(Linux distribution)

Asriel created this task.Dec 21 2016, 9:10 PM

Adding comment to verify that this bug's still around. Seems to be a result of the player models interacting with wonky 2D geometry (the small bits of hay sticking out of the piles).

Screenshots taken from v0.1.4

I would like to also add the speculation that this bug is heavily connected to the reason why the flower bushes fling you into the air, and why other places with sharp geometries do the same.

The obvious solution would be to make those parts that stick out have no collision. Especially the flowers, which would normally buckle under a real pony's weight, and thus should not be "solid." Same with the hay.

Might I also suggest that this new collision be slightly under the hay's surface, as if to give the illusion that the pony pressed their hooves into the hay? Just a thought.


Pretty much yeah; the leaves on the carrots, flowers on bushes, the little flames and candy canes ontop of Sugarcane Corner among other things have crazy stuck-fling physics, all probably linked to Unity interactions with 2D objects.

I'll look for other major ones, but otherwise I think this's well known by the staff 0:

Xiron closed this task as Resolved.Jul 6 2017, 11:27 AM