Standing orientation Bug
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What is happening:
The rotation of my character is tilted about 90 degrees.

What should be happening:
my character should stand on the ground.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
When you fly and change direction quickly the camera and the character both rotate a bit.
I flew towards a tree while sprinting and turned around quickly. The game probably thought that the bottom of the tree was ground and changed the players rotation.

  1. Fly just under some trees leaves while sprinting.
  2. When under the tree, start turning with dragging the mouse and using A and D.
  3. Player should rotate a lot when doing this and even go upside down sometimes.

That's what I did when it happened. Didn't get it to happen again after a lot of tries though.

Game client version:
Build v 0.1.1 Windows 8.1 x64

Reproduced on:
Windows 8.1 x64


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Wow did not know it is possible with trees too! :)
Doing side flips near obstacles seems to lead to similiar results