Death resets inventory
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What is happening:
Fainting results in total inventory reset, not sure if it's a bug or intended feature.

What should be happening:
Previous versions did not clear inventory upon death.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
Get self killed by mob

Game client version:
LAR Day 1

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Possibly related to this bug:

Inventory does indeed reset upon death, but after passing into another zone it reappears. To reproduce:

Move from Ponydale to Mines.
Loot some gems
Get killed
Respawn in Mines - inventory will be empty
Move from Mines to Ponydale - inventory items reappear and any gems picked up in Mines appear too.

See video:


Windows 7 64bit

It seems that simply killing another mob after the item reset, and picking up the loot, makes them reappear as well. (Note: You need to pick up both Bits, and an item for them to reappear, respectively)

Did this on v0.2
Win 8.1 64bit (laptop)

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Fixed on the next build, yay