Equipping a hat after a hat is equipped does not replace hat
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What is happening:
If I attempt to equip a hat, but I am already wearing a hat, the hat is not equipped and there is no error message.

What should be happening:
The previous hat should be moved to inventory and the new hat worn in its place

Steps to reproduce the issue:

  • Obtain pie tin hat (from Geizhufe's quest)
  • Wear pie tin hat
  • Purchase book hat from Buttercup
  • Attempt to equip book hat without first removing pie tin hat

(I'm guessing it works the same way for other hats, too)

Game client version:

Reproduced on:
64-bit Linux

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Similar problem here, it looks like the equip function will not replace the item that you equipped, you gotta take the item off from the slot first then you are able to put on others.

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This is an aesthetic issue that may or may not be addressed in time.

Close enough I'll add this here

One feature I would like to see is a more complete "Drag-to-equip" set up
This works to unequip items (drag to inventory) but I would like to be able to drag from inventory and equip, as well as be able to replace the currently equipped item this way.

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