UI/UX - Skills do not give error message when they fail
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What is happening:
When a skill fails, there is no indication to the user as to why it has failed (e.g. "target too far away", "target too close", "no target selected", etc.)

What should be happening:
When a skill fails, there should be a message in the chat window describing why.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
Play a unicorn.
Obtain the 'magic arrow' skill.
Enter Ponydale.
Enter the gem mines.
From way back in the passage leading to the manticores/diamond dogs (at or on top of the boxes) fire magic arrows at the manticores and diamond dogs. This is out of range; the skill fails without an error message.

Game client version:

Reproduced on:
64-bit Linux

Additional notes
Descriptive error messages will be very useful in figuring out why some other skills, like Cyclone, aren't working.

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There are various conditions on the server that prevent a skill from being used. Rather than just returning and not doing anything, @jimm, we should also send the user message as to why it failed. For now, the message can go in the system chat. It'd probably be best if we could have a smaller 'announcement' though.

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