Silky Roads bugged shop window after you press the Escape button
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Edit: Also happening to many shop NPCs.

After you close down Silky Road's shop at The Heartlands and then press the Escape button on your keyboard afterwards, a new shopping window will pop up with no items on it. Pressing the Escape button again will not close the empty shop window. The only way to close it is to click on the red X button on the right top corner of the window.

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The empty shopping window should not be appearing at all.

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  • Go to The Heartlands and find Silky Roads
  • Click on Silky Roads and select the "Shop" option
  • Close Silky Road's shop window
  • Press the Escape button on your keyboard. A buggy shop window will come up with no items for sale
  • To close the empty shopping window, left-click the red X on the right top corner of the shopping window

Game client version:
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Launcher 0.2 Windows x64
Build V 0.1.1

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Windows 10 x64

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Normal shop window:

Bugged shop window:

Video of the bug:

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The bug persists until you left click, use the "Talk" option on an npc, or change areas.

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Issue has been resolved as of OAR build.