Common Cure Quest ("Nothing a Billion Bandages Can't Fix") Infinitely loops
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The quest "Nothing a Billion Bandages Can't Fix" will infinitely loop if your current objective is to use Regenerative Aura on Common Cure, but you are still within range of Whiplash/Lionheart. This will trigger both Common Cure and Lionheart/Whiplash's responses at the same time. Since the fillies' responses will end quicker, your quest will loop back to the "Talk to Common Cure" objective.

This can currently be circumvented by stepping away far enough that your aura is in range of Common Cure, but not in range of the fillies that needed healing in the previous objectives.

This is ALSO circumvented if you log out/zone out and come back in. Whiplash/Lionheart will no longer be receptive to Regenerative Aura.

What should be happening:
Regardless of range, the only valid target should be what the objective is asking for. (In Sequence, Lionheart, Whiplash, then Common Cure)

Steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Take the "Nothing a Billion Bandages Can't Fix" quest.
  2. Complete all objectives until you get to the part where you need to use Regenerative Aura to cure Common Cure's cold.
  3. Be within range of Common Cure and Lionheart/Whiplash and cast Regenerative Aura. (Without using the previous methods above to dodge the bug)
  4. This should trigger both Common Cure and Lionheart/Whiplash's response and create the loop.


I have done this myself as well and have a video of it as well. Seems Whiplash is still susceptible to accept the wide hit-box of the regeneration aura.

Here is a video showcasing the infinite loop.

Here is a video showing how to get around the infinite loop.

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This issue has been fixed as of the OAR build