Journals and Objectives don't update until switching rooms
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What is happening:
Mindless Violins: After talking with Astral for the final time, journal didn't report finishing, despite getting quest rewards, until *after* rebooting program, at which point the quest was marked as finished in the journal. Since this has happened on more than one quest now, but it comes back after reloading, I suspect it's more to do with simple lost state update rather than the quests.

Note, I'm going to stop reporting these until the next version release. There's clearly a common Journal update problem going on.

What should be happening:
Journal should get updated instantly.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
Play quest

Game client version:
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Reproduced by:
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Reproduced on:
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Crash logs or exceptions generated:
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I suspect that this issue may be related to the one that I reported in T922. I've also noted that the journals do not update to completed status until the player has left the room either by portal or by relogging.

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This issue has been fixed as of OAR build