Foals with Socks (Doesn't work, just like with armor)
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What is happening:
Foals cannot wear socks. (Well, they can, but the socks are not visible.)

Asriel created this task.Dec 15 2016, 5:18 AM

My foal put on socks, and they were not visible, as per this bug. I then moved from Cantermore to the Heartlands (via the portal) - on arrival in the Heartlands, none of my foal's armour was visible!

(Opening the inventory window showed me that it was all still there - I just couldn't see it on the main screen)

Oh, foal armor is never visible for me. At all.

Huh. Now that I'm wearing socks, my armour is sometimes visible and sometimes not. (It was visible in Cloudopolis, then not visible later in Cantermore...)

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This issue has been resolved as of checks during build v2018.03.01