Foal Wearing Bronze Helmet Makes Mane Disappear
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What is happening:
When equipping a Bronze Helmet (other armor types untested), a foal's mane will disappear, and the bronze helmet will disappear from the equipment slot.

A re-login will restore the helmet to appear in the slot, but no helmet will appear on the head of the foal.

The defense value will still act the same as usual.

Asriel created this task.Dec 15 2016, 3:03 AM

Update: the other armor pieces also disappear, but still give protection.

I assume that the removal of armor for foals was intentional, as the larger model for the armor did not fit them. However, there should be something that prevents the mane from disappearing, if not a new set of armor models for foals.

(Preferably the latter. I like being a foal.)