BUG: "The Magic of Ordinary Neighs" / Magic Talent Mark Quest
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I sent this as an email before I realized how to submit a form. Below is the original email (with context for the issue) followed by the completed form.

Original email:


I've run into a bug with the quest "The Magic of Ordinary Neighs" (the quest for the magic talent mark). After I had cast the Poseys and Prickleys spell on Illumination, I got about halfway through the following dialogue before the server refreshed. I was back at the point where I needed to cast the correct spell, but the spell would no longer trigger the next part of the quest. I have tried targeting Illumination when casting, exiting and re-entering the area, and logging into a different server, but casting Poseys and Prickleys on Illumination still will not work. When I click to speak to her, she keeps repeating the dialogue telling me to cast a nonviolent spell on her.

I cannot progress in the storyline because of this. I'd appreciate it if you could help!

Tea (Account name: IcyTea)

What is happening:
Casting Poseys and Prickleys on Illumination in Evershade does not trigger the next part of the magic talent mark quest (her dialogue admitting she was wrong about nonviolent magic).

What should be happening:
Casting Poseys and Prickleys should trigger Illumination's next dialogue in the quest.

Steps to reproduce the issue:

After completing the Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme portion of the quest, I was directed to go to Evershade, where Arcane Gleam would be waiting for me. This all worked correctly, and after she left Evershade I spoke to Illumination and cast Poseys and Prickleys on her when she asked for a nonviolent spell. This triggered the next dialogue (her reacting to the nonviolent spell) when, a few pages in, a loading symbol appeared in the dialogue box, and eventually I was disconnected from the server. (This has happened before independent of this quest, but usually I can pick up from where I left off.)

When I logged back into the game, I was still in Evershade, but a yellow quest button no longer appeared above Illumination. When clicking on her, she repeats the dialogue:

"Well, go on. Cast a nonviolent spell on me. Or can you not think of any?"

I then tried to cast Poseys and Prickleys on Illumination several times, but nothing would work. I tried targeting her directly, casting it in the general vicinity, exiting and re-entering the area, and logging into a different server.

Reproduced by:
I haven't found anyone else with this issue.

I didn't take any screenshots, but I can take some if necessary.

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