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What is happening:
map issues. very urgent. pls help.
some examples

  1. the interior of SCC got stuck to Orange Burst (see screenshot)
  2. sometimes the ground in Ponydale disappears
  3. the ground and mountains in Ponydale sometimes fly around in the air (Orange suggested they may have gotten stuck on the merry go round by the school)
  4. houses and spawn points followed me around in Ponydale
  5. random objects became "non-solid" and i could fly through them

i don't know if these are happening in other areas. they've only happened that i know of in SCC and Ponydale, but i'm not sure.

Game client version:

Reproduced by:
Orange Burst, Firefly, Feather Foot, Lightning Blossom, Clouded (or "Neutron") Rainstorm, probably more

Reproduced on:
Win 10 x64