"Looking for a Good Time" Grand Hall Marker Issue
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What is happening:
At the part of the "Looking for a Good Time" quest where you are to head to the Grand Hall in Cantermore to investigate the hornet infestation. Map includes a marker leading to the buildings across from Micro Transaction's shop. No buildings in the area or around it have a marker present in the overworld.

What should be happening:
Marker on map should be leading to a marker in the overworld in the correct location to progress with the quest as intended.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
1.Began "Looking for a Good Time" quest by talking to Hullabaloo
2.Investigated locations until finding and talking to Vouge Sharp
3.Went to Book N. Advance to discuss using the Grand Hall
4.Accepted extermination request
5.Followed marker on the map to the buildings located across from Micro Transaction's shop

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Screenshot of the buildings the map marker has led me to, showing no overworld marker to indicate where I am to go or what to interact with.