Quest marker leading nowhere
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What is happening:
When I go the where the quest marker is on the map for the hornet fight part of the Looking for a Good Time quest it leads me to a building with no entrances and nothing to do, the marker isn’t even shown in the overworld, just the map
When I try do to other quests, I cannot even talk with other Npcs

What should be happening:
The quest marker should lead me to a point where I can complete what the quest had asked of me and the quest marker should be visible in the overworld to show where specifically i need to be, and be able to talk to other npcs unrelated to the quest

Steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Start the quest with hullabaloo
  2. Check out all the locations as instructed until we meet Vogue Sharp
  3. Go with Vogue Sharp to Book n. Advances
  4. Accept her extermination quest with Hullaboo and Vogue Sharp
  5. Follow the quest marker on the map
DuckTBM created this task.Feb 3 2023, 7:28 AM