Having to Redo "Oh What A Brave New World" and Cannot Start "It's A Party!"
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What is happening:
I did the first two of the new adult quests "Oh What A Brave New World" and "Searching For A Good Time" a while ago. Cirrus still had a quest marker over his head after doing both, and I could not start "It's A Party!" When I talked to Cirrus again today, "Oh What A Brave New World" started again, but it shows as both complete AND in progress in the quest dlog (the previous finished steps were listed as finished, the quest name itself was italicized, but new steps were being added on top of the completed old ones).

What should be happening:
I shouldn't have been able to start the quest again, Cirrus shouldn't have a quest marker over his head, and I should have the option to start "It's A Party!"

Steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Tried to find out how to start "It's A Party!" for the who-knows how-many'th-time.
  2. Saw that "Oh What A Brave New World" was listed as complete in the quest log, but Cirrus still had a quest marker AND there was an uncompleted step there all of a sudden.
  3. Tried to talk to Old Quest Marker Fix. He was no help.
  4. Talked to Cirrus. "Oh What A Brave New World" began again.
  5. Followed up to see if this was just a mistake or not. Wayward had a quest marker for the second step.
  6. Gave up. AGAIN. Not doing that quest where you're supposed to be friends with these ponies but all you're doing is driving wedges between them while doing Cirrus' dirty work.

Reproduced by:
Forum name of anyone having reproduced this issue, if any

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