My first treasure map (stuck)
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What is happening:
So, the quest "hints" are not changing and I'm not sure why. I'm following the path 10 or more times and keep checking but the quest doesn't update. I have restarted the game multiple times for the next hint to appear, but now it's not working anymore either.

What should be happening:
The next hint should be shown as soon as you made the step of the current hint

Steps to reproduce the issue:
Accept the quest as an earth pony baby and follow the steps until it doesn't continue

I'm on phone at the moment, maybe it's a phone bug since it's somewhat new

WolfyLea created this task.Sep 6 2022, 7:47 PM

After following the path again and restarting the game after every single step multiple times, it finally worked
But please fix it too
It's annoying to log out and log in after every step