"They're On To My Lampshades" Quest Bug
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What is happening:
When I finished "Bad Day For A Director" task and "Script Calamity" task, I started "They're On To My Lampshades" task, but the exclamation point on his head did not disappear after I talked with Six Shooter in the process of doing it. The exclamation point on his head still existed after I talked with Wooden Nickel to finish the task, and I tried to quit and re-enter game, but it was still the same. There was even the sound of paper with unfinished task, and the subtask "Talk To Six Shooter" in the task list shows unfinished.

What should be happening:
The task should be completed, and there will be no exclamation point left. At the same time, the sub tasks in the task list should also be displayed as completed.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
Well, this is a little complicated. At first, I didn't want to do the task, but I talk to Nutmeg, I chose the last dialogue, and then an exclamation point appeared on her head. I can only choose to talk to she to start task. I first start "Bad Day For A Director", and then do "Script Calamity" halfway. After I finish "Script Calamity", I go to talk with Film Reel to complete task "Script Calamity". then I go to talk with Juniper, and then start task "They're On To My Lampshades".

Reproduced by:
Maybe no


Crfaroix created this task.Jul 26 2022, 4:31 AM

Oh I almost forgot an important detail (maybe). When I go to other scenes, there was still an exclamation point in the transmission array. When I go to Ponydale, the exclamation point was even strangely positioned on a guards