Pony Stuck In Wall (glitch)
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While playing (mobile: IOS) Legends Of Equestria, my pony got stuck inside a building wall, unable to get myself out via moving, jumping, flying, etc.

What should be happening:
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My character (pony) should not be stuck inside a building wall, which I’m unable to get out.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
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My pony had flown into the building wall, and glitched into said wall. I am now stuck inside of it, still able to somewhat move, but not be freed from such wall.

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IOS App Store Mobile Version.

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So far only I know of coming into contact with such issue.

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IOS Mobile, Latest Game Version, iphone 11.

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battomb created this task.Jul 9 2022, 12:02 AM

have you tried using the /stuck command?