CHAT FILTER OVERSIGHT - Missing variation of the "f-word" (verb, not the slur)
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What is happening:
The chat filter currently does not detect "fuckin" but it picks up "fuck" and "fucking."

What should be happening:
The chat filter should recognize the word and filter the message out accordingly.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
Send a message containing "fuckin" in any chat channel.

Game client version:
Win 10 launcher, v. 2022.02.01

Reproduced by:
I don't recall their forum name, but Western Star/Ford Fsixfifty's player and I discovered this together in the Sugarcane Corner on Amareicas last night. If the server saves chat logs, you should be able to locate the conversation. There's nothing incriminating about it either (there was a bit of karaoke going on for songs outside the game), or I would be putting in a player report alongside this oversight report. We were collectively expecting it to get filtered out anyways lol. This was discovered in local chat, but we knew better than to test it in global.

Reproduced on:
Win 10, 64-bit. I'm unsure what Western Star was running.

Crash logs or exceptions generated:

I don't have any, unfortunately.