SUGGESTION: Separate Emotes from Gameplay Actions in Hotbars
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Having come from other MMOs (FF14), and gotten engrossed in both combat and roleplay over there, and the quick and immediate switch between HUD elements optimized for both forms of play, I think a game like this could seriously benefit from splitting emotes from your gameplay actions for crafting/combat. It doesn't even have to be terribly complicated, either. It could be a second hotbar stacked slightly diagonally on top of the current bar, or a completely separate, vertical bar that defaults to the right side of the screen, for example. Actually, maybe we get both but we get to choose which one we want? The side hotbar on mobile looks very nice, and I think the PC release could only benefit from something similar.

Mobile could compromise with a double tap on the open/collapse button to swap between both sets. It's quick, it's simple, and it allows for immediate access to the opposite set of actions.

TLDR; I think it would be infinitely more convenient to pivot between casual interactions/in-game roleplay with separate hotbars for gameplay actions and emotes, since we can't save/load hotbar skill orders...and there are a lot of skills. Mobile clients can achieve the same/similar effect with a hotbar switch.