Glory Hog quest marker stuck after graduation
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What is happening:
I picked up the quest "Glory Hog" during foalhood but due to it being located in the Evershade Forest, a then dangerous place for me to tread, I did not pick up Scribble's papers until after graduating. However, with the graduation, Scribble also grew up and moved to another place in Cantermore, where I can still talk to him, but can't inquire him about his lost papers anymore. Plus, the marker for the quest, after collecting all the papers, is stuck at his old location. This means I have "Glory Hog" stuck as an incomplete quest, and it's my only uncompletable one at that. Old Quest Marker Fix does not offer an option to fix this quest line.

What should be happening:
Scribble, now grown up, still accepts the papers, allowing you to finish the quest. Or, for the time that the quest is still active, Scribble is at the old location by the School in Cantermore.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
Start a new game playing as a unicorn, go to Scribble Jr. and accept his Glory Hog quest, then leave it in the quest stack while you finish the foal arc and graduate.


YoshiFan96 added a comment.EditedMay 16 2022, 10:52 PM

I don't know when it was added (maybe just now as I JUST posted this ticket? XD), but I went to Old Quest Marker Fix again and they finally offered me to get rid of the stuck foal quest. Another option also got rid of Scribble's papers I had in my bank. Ticket can be closed, thanks and sorry for opening it in the first place!