Reports and suggestions on some problems of the game
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Hello~ please forgive me. I don't know which channel to use to give suggestions to the game, so I wrote it here. If it violates your regulations, please delete this article.

The following is my summary of some suggestions and problems about this game.

Since I only played for 6 months, some suggestions may not be comprehensive.

Note: the following contents only represent individual opinions rather than collective opinions. In addition, this suggestion was written before the update of 2022.5.14

  1. The array of craftsman's manual, harmony table, assembly and operation, alchemy set and cooking process station list can be further optimized, which can be array according to type, alphabetical order, from high level to low level, etc.
  1. There is a single way to obtain salt. We can consider making a science guide for refining salt, and the materials can be obtained through battle.
  1. There is a problem with the location of some trees in the heartlands.
  1. The effects of all potions are not very practical, especially flux brewing. Its effectiveness and the level required for making are not proportional to the difficulty of obtaining rainbow roses.
  1. Simmer down: there is a problem with the process of cooking TM. Players need to go to Cloud City at least twice before they can talk to chef Linguine (I have done this task twice and the same problem has occurred)
  1. Can add the function of setting marker points on the map
  1. The production materials of crystal kingdom teleport crystal are a little harsh. In the choice of one teleport crystal and five catalysts, most players will choose the latter. In addition, the game lacks white tail park teleport crystal, midway village teleport crystal, applewood mine and gem mine teleport crystal
  1. Can set up some NPC or colored eggs in some remote places to increase the interest of players' exploration
  1. There not have many decorative items in the game
  1. Triage can also treat mobs
  1. I can't understand the optional types of advanced research skills (maybe I didn't find them)
  1. There is a problem with the details of all that glitters is gold. When looking for mysterious minerals, players need to put the hoe in their bag instead of holding it
  1. The drop rate of mango seeds is too low
  1. Karkadann and blue hornet are the two most worthless thugs. Their common characteristics are low level and low value of booty. Although the former will drop mango seeds, the probability is very low. The latter, you can't even see them in the beehive in the thorn forest. It is recommended to add unique booty
  1. The vein hint of coal is not obvious in some places (GEM mine), so we can consider adding white border or gray white luminous border
  1. Consider adding interactive actions (although I know it will be a lot of work, this is just a suggestion)
  1. The attack effect of living bush seems to be very suitable for creating the effect of leaves flying. It can be used to add effects when ponies cross shrubs or vegetation
  1. There are only the sun, moon and stars in the sky, but there are no clouds. You can try to put a few moving 2D clouds in the sky
  1. Even at night, many places are still the same as during the day (ponydale library, SCC)
  1. Can add interactive effects to some special items (such as the astronomical telescope of ponydale Library)
  1. Although the forum can do this, there is still a lack of message mailbox function in the game
  1. When applewood mines element crystal, the vein shows sometimes crosses the ground
  1. The pony action "stretching" or "yawning" can be added
  1. If the backpack is full, mining Phoenix pieces or finding acorns through geode, pieces and acorn will not be added to the bag
  1. Some clothes cannot be dyed
  1. Rainy, cloudy and other weather effects can be added

Thank all the production staff for their dedication and efforts.

  1. When the young male horse hold lantern something was wrong