All characters are gone (after 2017 open demo so it couldn't have been the cause)
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Logging to LoE after quite the time, cca a year- finding out all of my characters were gone. I was using the e-mail address to login everytime. I also have a screenshot that I managed to take while playing during version 2018.03.02- will show if prompted.

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My character shouldn't be gone? I dunno I'd like to know whether there is a solution to the problem and whether we can restore some of the characters or if they are gone from the listings or what have you.

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Logging in >> Seeing the list empty >> Wondering what went wrong

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I was updating frequently so versions from 2017 - 2019 Dec, if there was one. Since I haven't been active I don't know when the issue arose. Now I'm on the latest version as of 01.05.2022

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DulcetIceCocoa & Dulcetti (sis) - I also spotted a user going by the name jo123jo5 appearing to have the same problem.

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Windows 10 64 bit but I imagine the issue is not at all connotated with any operating systems.

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Issue - no characters upon logging in:

A formerly mentioned screenshot I was able to recover as proof that this character existed: &