Some Suggestions/Questions
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  1. It's possible to add color change for travious bots? (they look so awesome and would be awesome to color them)
  2. Last time I see many quests was added, but quests for talent marks still not exist. Specialy with weather is very shame, because last pendant need expert which can't exist without this quest. So for now anyone can use them. Maybe this quests (I heard science is almost ready, but is also farming) can be treat more priority?
  3. It's possibility to adapt armors for foals to their size? (Now it look really wierd when they wear them)
  4. Maybe you add names and colors for pets? It's so shame they look exatly the same. Maybe they colud be color like other wearable items (3 colors)?
  1. It's possible to add color change for unicorn horns and pegasus wings? (As additional item or in character design section)
  1. Can you make Satchel Bag color change?
  2. Is a chance to make Bat Costume tradeable? Is little unfair that other costumes are simply to buy, and this one is so hard to get. If this one is made specialy for autumn, maybe even tradeable can be possible?