cant collect water! this is a big issue for cookers
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What is happening:
BIG ISSUE! we thought its because of a recent patch or something but you NEED to fix this bad!
so, the water tree is broken? you cant fill cups... that means u need to kill pain in the butt nyads for a small chance to get water for cooking skill??? heck no. fix this please i cant even make tea because it requires what? you guessed it! WATER!

What should be happening:
i should be able to fill my bought glass cups with water at the water tree. but it does NOT give you a option to do so anymore!
i've collected water there before in ponydale so i know it should work. i got another player to try and they said the same thing.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
i went and bought glass cups for water. went to the water tree in the spot were you get the WATER. and went to click it and no pop up like usual came up no matter how much i clicked and walked up to it and i even reloaded. n o t h i n g.

Game client version:
its the newest one..?
Reproduced by:
well since i asked someone else to try, EVERYONE. no one is able to get water from the tree now.

Reproduced on:
all laptops and tablets? mine is x64. but this issue is happening to all.

Crash logs or exceptions generated:
game didnt crash. just cant collect water for cooking skill.

no reason to have screen shots. its just gonna be me staring at the water because there is no pop up to fill our dang empty cooking cups.

meadowshine updated the task description. (Show Details)Mar 23 2022, 9:31 AM

stand in lake near the water tree and press T key (use nearby objects) on the keyboard..