The First Day of Our Pony Lives quest broken
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What is happening:
After completing the Talent mark quest, character is not transported to Cantermore. Relevant NPCs are nowhere to be found, and no quest marker is available. Journal shows the quest, but does not provide any guidance.

What should be happening:
The quest should be doing the thing with the progress and whatnot

Steps to reproduce the issue:
Played all the way through talent mark quest as a Pegasus (flying quest). Afterwards no progress is able to be made. Tried creating a new character (still pegasus) and doing it again, but with a different talent mark quest (partying) which ends with the same results.

Tried restarting the game; tried changing to european servers; tried switching server rooms; tried mobile version

The only other oddity was in both cases a random guard had an exclamation point, but no relevant dialog. At some point, the exclamation point vanished from them, but still no progress on the quest.