"In My Own Little World" quest bug
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What is happening:
Quest named "In My Own Little World" given by Silicon & Halite from Crystal Kingdom become repeatable infinite times.
Same with another quest named "I Shouldn't Be Here" for which i create another report cause of a rule "Individual report for every single bugged quest".
( Silicon & Halite are so broken pair of ponies in giving quests, if you need my opinion. Two bugged quests and lots of trying to talk to them to make a proper dialogue to do even a quests that are "not broken" /)_- )

What should be happening:
This quest must be finished one time and not been started again by the same pony character, of course.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
What i have done before this issue show itself:

  1. Got quest "Here He Goes Again" from Graphite to ask his colleagues if they hate him.
  2. Talked to Silicon & Halite and got a quest "In My Own Little World".
  3. Talked to them about Graphite, then finished his quest by talking to him.
  4. Talked to Silicon & Halite and got a quest "I Shouldn't Be Here". Finished quest "I Shouldn't Be Here" normally, got a reward items & Exp and whatever.
  5. After awhile got a quest "Rehearsal Roundup" from a Pitch Perfect, the Royal Choirmistress of a Crystal Kingdom. And "After awhile" there means pair of days or something like that.
  6. In a process of delivering a sheet music talked to Silicon & Halite and there's where all the problems starts — their dialogues are a bunch of labyrinth disasters. I couldn't just give them sheet music at my first few tries cause there wasn't a proper dialogue bunch. I didn't remember all the huge amount of steps cause its just impossible to, but i got and made both quests "It Makes Sense To Me" & "But When It Comes Together" and somehow give a sheet music to this broken pair of ponies too, when a proper dialogue for that finally appears.
  7. When talking to them after all this, suddenly dialogs options appears to choose which leads to starting a "In My Own Little World" quest again.

The dialogs are not stable and you get different set of options on what to say to them almost every time you trying to talk now.

Reproduced by:
Didn't told anypony who play LOE about this issue yet so it wasn't reprodused as i know.

Sorry, no screenshots available by now.

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A fix should now be applied to keep them from repeating