Quests in Quest Log That Cannot Be Completed/Do Not Belong
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What is happening:
I posted about this before, where the quest "Tomorrow, Spring Is Here" was bugged for me. That bug was not fixed before the Winter Warm-Up ended, so now I have that quest still in my quest log and unable to be completed. I also have "Hallowtide Candy Quest" in there, and that, too, cannot be completed. Finally, I have "Foal Speed Ahead" in there too, but my pony is an adult unicorn, so how did the pegasus foal quest get in there?

Since the bug with the first quest was not fixed, can you at least remove those three quests from my quest log?

What should be happening:
These 3 quests should not be in my quest log.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
Nothing to be done.

Reproduced by:


Old Quest mark fixer should now have something that will help with Foal Speed Ahead. As for the other two, there is currently no way to remove or reset someone's quest.