Armor equip glitch
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What is happening:
Describe here what is currently happening
Able to equip armor at a lower level than recommended

What should be happening:
It should give a notice of me being under level but the glitch can bypass this sometimes

Steps to reproduce the issue:
The explanation is a little complicated but I'll do my best I'll leave a link to a video as well just in case, so basically
1.) You take the armor you want and drag it onto the body part or even an empty square on the character detail screen.
2.)This may not always work so putting it into your hot bar can sometimes equip it as well but rarely. Some time doing these two methods can some time require you to well
restart your game
3.) Just opening the game and logging in will equip these items and I still have 0 idea to why this happened but it's a thing it happened to me a few times and not just with sunlight armor which looks amazing O.O

Game client version:

Reproduced by:
A few players I've seen done this but I'm very bad with names especially in a game like this O.o

Reproduced on:
Samsung Galaxy s9
Snapdragon 845 4GB RAM
Android 9
64 bit

Crash logs or exceptions generated:

You can also DM in twitter @Generalchris6 if you want me to test any other glitches someone might give you. I'll gladly help out