Question regarding Ability Healing Harmony (?)
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What is happening:
Recently i've stumbled upon the Ability Healing Harmony that according to Wiki can reduce skills cooldown. So, i've got a recipe of level 1 harmony (Didn't found any other levels of harmony but later about that), got a bunch of needed resources, crafted them and harmonized my Phoenix armor with it. Tried some skills and maybe i haven't noticed that skills cooldown become faster than usual. And there's a few questions - does this thing even works properly, and does it apply to earth pony skills?

What should be happening:
Skills cooldown should be way faster than usual with these harmonies applied to your armor (Also, harmony levels 2-5 should be present in game, haven't found these since then)

Steps to reproduce the issue:
In case if you got the needed resources - Buy a harmony recipe from Relic de Falco, learn that recipe, go to any harmony table to see your recipe available to craft, craft them, harmonize your crafted armor, wear the armor with these Ability Healing Harmonies and play around, use some skills to notice (or not) the faster cooldown effect.

Game client version:
Latest desktop release (v 2021.04.02)

Reproduced by:
Myself as usual

Reproduced on:
Windows 10 21H1 Pro x64

Crash logs or exceptions generated:

None on my behalf, it should be actually recorded to notice if this harmony works or not. I'll only show which harmony i'm talking about and that i've harmonized armor with it.

ProudyHooves created this task.EditedAug 28 2021, 2:52 PM

So, yeah, do i miss something about these harmonies or there's really some things missing about these harmonies not on my behalf?
Also, some harmony-related question/suggestion: are there any plans to add some item that can remove a harmony from item and even return it back to player or harmonies are supposed to stay "forever" without any changing?
That's why decided to report this one, more like a question than bug-report but whatever.