Musical road in park
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I don't know whether it should be this way or not, but.. When I run along the path, I do not hear sounds, but other ponies who are nearby can hear them. In the same way, when someone else is running along the track, I can hear sounds, but they do not hear their own.
That is, the one who runs does not hear what he is playing.

And I would also like the areas that you step on to glow in different colors.

v2021.04.02 PC x64

Masha8903 renamed this task from Musical road it park to Musical road in park.Aug 20 2021, 11:53 AM

That's an issue that got reported a couple of times; Although never truly found its conclusion. Though if I were to take a guess, it might be related to the Player volume setting in the settings menu?

I've tried this with different volume settings.
Master 100%, Music 0%, sfx 100%, player 100%.
Master 100%, Music 100%, sfx 0%, player 100%.
Master 100%, Music 100%, sfx 100%, player 0%.
The result is the same: when I run along the musical road, I hear only the sound of hooves, but not music.
If you go behind two ponies in two windows, then the pony that runs along the musical road does not hear the music, and the pony that stands next to the road hears it.
The sound settings are the same in different windows.