Missing a bunch of main menu arts (?, v 2021.04.02 desktop)
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What is happening:
The v 2021.04.01 update has added some new main menu themes made by players in addition to 2 official main menu backgrounds. But the latest v 2021.04.02 update is somehow missing all of them (including even one of the official menu backgrounds), with only one official main menu theme left.

What should be happening:
All the main menu backgrounds should be used when player is launching the game and sees the main menu.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
Just launch the game and look at main menu background.

Game client version:
Latest update v 2021.04.02, desktop client

Reproduced by:

Reproduced on:
Windows 10 21H1 Pro x64

Crash logs or exceptions generated:


Only this main menu theme seems to be available on v 2021.04.02

ProudyHooves added a comment.EditedAug 20 2021, 6:45 AM

Not sure if that counts as a bug but i've managed to notice that.
Also, a bit of minor note: When new main menu themes were available, RandomTeehee's and Candy Meow's backgrounds had the credit watermark stating that the respective main menu arts were made by them, but another one (done by QuantumWings IIRC) didn't had that watermark.

(Example of player-made main menu theme from v 2021.04.01 with the 'watermark')

(Official main menu theme that is missing from v 2021.04.02)

First of all, the missing menu themes indeed are a bug; That's an issue that sneaked in with the hotfix update. It will be fixed with the following update.

As for the signature however, we leave artists the choice whenever they want to draw their own signature, want us to add it within Unity, or prefer to stay anonymous entirely.

Ah! no wonder why I was getting only the old official main menu image XD

I just updated the game today, that's why I didn't know about the bug till I checked here.

Ah well, now to wait for the next update :)

Yeah I decided after send art that I didn't want watermark. It's not importat who draw, importat is enjoing game ^^

Alrighty then, i think i've got my question about watermarks answered, moving on and waiting for main menu art fixes ^^

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Oh god, not again, spambottery D: Thought somepony else could write anything related to the bug.
Also, that spambot posted here - http://phabricator.legendsofequestria.com/T3001#45711
Feel free to delete this comment when spambottery will be erased too >.>