An Equestrian Werepony in the Evershade
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What is happening:
When I have in the quest that I meet my friends in Evershade Woods, after approaching them, pressing them for interaction(I mean conversation), there is no interaction.

As it is in the screenshot that the quest is completed, but there is still something to do in it.

I would also add that when I used the option to repair old quests, in Cantermore, it seems to have done nothing, as the ponies in Evershade have disappeared, but the quest indicator is still there.

What should be happening:
There should be a conversation with them in this interaction to complete the quest, but there isn't. There is simply no interaction with them.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
The error occurred a long time ago, so long that I don't remember the steps, but the screenshot shows what you need to do in the quest. I remember that the error occurred just like that, when I was doing the steps in this quest.

Reproduced by:
Gambit2101 /


Hiverro created this task.Aug 17 2021, 1:19 PM