Incorrect mining resource respawn placing (?) (v 2021.04.01 desktop)
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What is happening:
Sometimes at the newest Applewood mine in the titanium ore spawning zone sources of titanium ore might spawn out of player's display and you might notice it only when you use /cc true chat command and see that the spawn has appeared out of player's reach.

What should be happening:
All the ore sources should be visible to player and available to mine.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
Get to the Applewood mines, go to the place where titanium ore spawns (might apply to other resources on this location), use dowsing crystal too see ores and you might sometimes notice that some of ore sources can't be seen without using /cc true chat command.

Game client version:
Latest one, v 2021.04.01, desktop client

Reproduced by:

Reproduced on:
Windows 10 Pro 21H1 x64

Crash logs or exceptions generated:

Example photo above

Although i'm not entirely sure that's an actual bug but decided to report it anyway just in case of something random.

ProudyHooves added a comment.EditedAug 14 2021, 2:42 PM

And yet another mining-related question popped in my mind.
It looks like some ores in Applewood mines (like Titanium and Spatial crystal and elementium ore near the mine entrance at Applewood) are making way less resources than others (Iron ore, Marble dust) even when i'm skilled enough to mine more at one time. Is that supposed to work or a bug too?
Screenshots will explain it better.

Titanium ore spawn makes less than 10 ores
Iron ore can go up to 20 ores with my skills
My mining skills (50 lvl)

The issue with the unreachable titanium ore spots has been fixed with the most recent hotfix;

As for the amount of ores it gives however; That's intentional. Rare ores might not be as plentiful

Something similar happens in the mountains and at the Witch's Hut in the Evershade - the ore appears submerged or buried in the ground or an object, so the sign is very faint, and sometimes you get told you detected ore but nothing is visible.

While devs might look at Astraea's similar mining issue i've got yet another question - is Frozen Essence Drops from Cloudopolis considered as "common" or "rare" ore? I've used to mine it for a while and was able to pick less than 10 (9 at least with my skills) ores per vein.