Kirin Costume
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Kirin costume is bugged, tail all time, mane only with sphinx ears (I not check with kirin ears). And if I can suggest, because this socks looks some strange (more at night) maybe simple clamp will be better (some like fyre fyle legs).

It's an issue with the "new" manes and tails. The issue is known, but I'm not sure how to fix it as of now

For now though - I'd recommend another mane/tail when using the costume

Tail is again bugged, with any mane style, but only for unicorns and earth ponies.

Okay, thanks to my friend who have unicorn, I realize it's not because of race but because of tail style. Because my main unicorn and earth pony have the same. I am only suprized, because is "old" type of tail... so I really don't know what is the rule with one is bugged or not, should be check all types and find what's they have the same. For my pony it's this: