Golems are too strong
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Hi, I write because today I wanted level up one of pony on golems, and they was too strong to fight. I went to them with my two ponies, on level 50 and level 25. Both had harmonicus armor and fruit salad for health repair. Even with that, ONE golem was too strong for them. Month later I level up in this way two ponies on level 30 and was fine, now is too hard. Maybe group of 5 ponies could normal fight there with no faits, or pony must eat 10 salads to defeat one golem... Please fix this, beacuse it doesn't have any sense.

Atom added a subscriber: Atom.Jul 5 2021, 1:56 AM

The golems I've seen are level 45 to 50. Don't think that's bug's fault, it was fixed to reflect how powerful it really should be. Try going into the Brambles if you're able, there are better mobs there for leveling.