Rehearsal Roundup bug - Silver Tongue lacks dialog option to consider recruitment
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What is happening:
Silver Tongue is the one pony that will not provide any dialog option for attempted recruitment into the choir. Also, Pitch Perfect thinks I've only passed out 16 sheets of music (and my quest menu says I've only given 15) even though I've given music to every single pone that you can, aside from Silver Tongue.

What should be happening:
Silver Tongue should have a dialog option for taking sheet music for the choir. And Pitch Perfect shouldn't think I've only given 16 when I've already given 25 (I think the number is).

Steps to reproduce the issue:
I talked to Pitch Perfect and accepted her quest. I talked to every single pony on the recruitment list, including the few that refuse the sheet music. I talked to Silver Tongue last, and he's the only one who totally lacks any dialog option for recruitment into the choir. After realizing the option wasn't there, I then took the quest he offers, called "Worth Your While". After completing that one, there still isn't any way to even try to give Silver Tongue the sheet music.

Rattletrap closed this task as Resolved.May 27 2021, 12:56 AM

Fixed as of 5/24/2021.