"Sorry, but blocking players isn't supported yet. :("
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What is happening:
someone who hurt me about a year ago, has decided to come back to LoE. i don't think mere text can explain how deeply my anger runs toward this person, but strangely, i seem to be one of the only people who's had problems with them. it blows my mind considering what a tactless, arrogant hypocrite they were toward me, but anyway. this person hasn't done anything to actually get banned from LoE (yet), last year they stopped after a warning, plus my problems with them are entirely personal. ....... cases like this are precisely why blocking features are important. not everything is a bannable offense (as much as i'd love to stop seeing them altogether), but people should have the ability to block others who give them problems. i love LoE more than i love... most things in this world honestly, but the fact that such a basic and crucial feature hasn't been added after all this time honestly amazes me.

What should be happening:
blocking is a basic feature in an online social setting. how has this not been implemented yet?

Steps to reproduce the issue:
/block "insert name"

Game client version:
2020.xx.xx - 2021.02.02

Crash logs or exceptions generated:
Sorry, but blocking players isn't supported yet. :(