Items not stacking in bank...
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What is happening:
Items of the same type, received today (2021-03-23), will not stack in the bank

What should be happening:
The items should stack

Steps to reproduce the issue:
Start with an empty inventory
Harvest almonds from the farm and all plots in Heartlands
Attempt to put harvested almonds into bank
One single stack will not go in, claiming I am out of inventory space
I have 905 in the bank, far from the unsigned short max of 65,536

Game client version:

Reproduced by:
I do not know

Reproduced on:
Windows 7 Pro 64bit SP1

Crash logs or exceptions generated:
This is not a crash

I can make some screenshots of the bank refusing this one stack if needed

This is probably somehow caused by there being almonds with Metadata -1 and Metadata 0.

The bug finally happened today when I was not recording / streaming. Yesterday I harvested all of my plots and replanted all but one with almonds. The last plot (second one in Sweet Apple Orchard) I planted cherry seeds in. I then logged out and did not login again until late last night. I harvested the single cherry tree and replanted the seeds. I then logged out again until this morning. When I logged in I harvested the cherry tree, planted eight more cherry seeds, and then began harvesting my almond trees.

The first almond tree was the one in Sweet Apple Orchard closest to the portal. This one gave me the bad almonds, presumable with bad metadata. I knew right away they were bad because I had an incomplete stack from the day before and these were going into their own, new stack. I went to the bank in Cantermore and all except these went into my existing stack. I then went to Heartlands and harvest / replanted all of my others. Back to the bank. All of these went in, except the bad stack. This means all of the ones in my bank account are good, but I left the bad stack on my pony so a dev could inspect them easily.

Garophel, you can reach me outside the game if you have questions or need anything. You may share that info with other devs if they need me. Just don't share it publicly, please.


OK, I discovered a fairly major exploit which can be done exclusively with these bugged almonds. I recorded a video of it just now. The video is in 2560x1440 (2K) at 30fps. YouTube is still processing the 1K and 2K versions so if the video is blurry, give YouTube some time to process. I describe what I did in the video description. Please contact me if you need anything from me.


As of the new patch I can plant the bad almonds. I do not expect them to grow into "corrupt almond" trees. With that, the only issue remaining is that, should a tree give out corrupted almonds, they won't stack.