Random disconnect locks the game...
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What is happening:
When you are disconnected from a room (server crash?) you are taken to a screen that explains that you have been disconnected from the room you were in and it states that it is waiting for the main server to move you. The problem is that you cannot click cancel and no default key was designated on that form, so pressing ESC or ENTER do nothing. You cannot click anything because if you play with mouselook like I do, your cursor was locked when you dropped and you cannot unlock. The only way out of this is to press ALT+F4 to kill LoE.

What should be happening:
Whenever an error occurs the user should regain mouse cursor control. Additionally, all dialogs should have a default key defined in the event that you cannot use the mouse.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
Go into mouselook mode and play the game until you get disconnected.

Game client version:

Reproduced by:
Not sure if anybody else has reproduced this

Reproduced on:
Windows 7 Pro 64bit OEM

Crash logs or exceptions generated:
This was not a crash