i just got the game and i cant even play it.
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What is happening:
every time i log in and go to get in the amareicas or europonias server it wont let me in saying that theres "no response from remote host"

What should be happening:
it should be letting me in the server so i can make my avatar and actually start playing right?
Steps to reproduce the issue:
i boot up the game
then i go to log in
both servers pop up and i go to get on one
after half a minute of waiting it says that it was a failed connection and that theres no response from the remote host.

Game client version:
mega desktop app for the windows 64 download link

Reproduced by:
i have no clue.

please help i just want to play the game

Did this happen at a particular time? And, is it continuing to happen now? On our end, both servers are working and we have multiple players logged in.

It happens every time I log in on either server and I don't know what to do, and at the bottom of the server names it says something like the 'ping' is N/A

Is this still an issue?