Friends Forever - no defence boost
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What is happening:
I learned the skill "Friends Forever" and have a cat pet active. With my current skill upgrades, the skill should give me +30 armor and +5 magic resist for 25 seconds.

What should be happening:
Using the skill does not increase either stat. It worked on a previous 'tier' of defence bonus and 'tier' of duration, rendering the skill useless.

Steps to reproduce the issue:
Here's what I have so far.

  • have a cat pet egg
  • use the cat pet egg to make it active
  • level up "Friends Forever" so you have 1 point in "Second Wind", 2 points in "Friends Five-ever" and 2 points in "Best Friends Forever"
  • open the character page (C) to check your stats
  • use the skill

Game client version:
Build v 2020.06.01

Reproduced on:
Win10 64bits, v 19041.685

GIF showing the stats not increasing as they should :
Screenshot of my current animal care skill :