The Choices We Make - can't recover package from Halite
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What is happening:
I started the quest "The Choices We Make" and have to retrieve a package from Halite for the first task. When speaking to Halite, the two dialogues options are to ask for new crystals, or exit the dialogue, making me unable to get the package and continue on the quest.

What should be happening:
Halite should have a dialogue option to allow me to get the quest's package.

Steps to reproduce the issue:

  • Speak to Red Cross to initiate the quest
  • Talk with Halite to attempt to get the package from her

Potentially related to the completion of the Faultless Four quests (But When It Comes Together, I Shouldn't Be Here, Here He Goes Again, In My Own Little World, It Makes Sense To Me) ? Those quests have been completed before starting The Choices We Make.

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